In these sessions, I will ask Source energy & the ancestors for guidance and clarity on whatever situation you find yourself facing. Each card represents aspects that make up your colorful life. And each card will give us a deeper look and, allow us the investigation into what is/or was influencing your situation.

We will look at whatever you are growing through in your situation as it relates to your physical, mental emotional, & spiritual well-being. With that in mind, we will talk about your dreams, intentions & challenges, in your situation.

Most people come to me when they are in a transition phase, dealing with a crisis, or just want to see some possible outcomes.

I use the cards as a window to investigate what energies are influencing your situation. Helping you access your subconscious thoughts, feelings, & understandings.

After most reading, I will help you process the information & provide ideas and inspiration for your next steps.


Tarot cards are a window into your energy influence. Your life is always changing and nothing in the future is set in stone. So, rejoice in the fact that you can and do create your own reality! 

People who are new to tarot readings are surprised at the accuracy and outcome of my readings and leave feeling uplifted and hopeful; and often times schedule their next reading.


And in the case, you might need some intense spiritual work I have a team of light healers that I can refer you to whether its metaphyical, spiritual, or physical I can help you obtain the resources you need. With my network of healers, I can help you with services like spiritual cleanses, protection, spells, rituals, alter work, tantric healing, and spiritual tools.



What Are Tarot Card Spreads and Why Should You Care?

understanding what card spreads are; a spread is the physical layout of the tarot cards related to the question you wish to ask. Every spread of the cards provides different information about the question you asked. That’s why it’s important to choose the right spread so you can get the information you desire.

Within the spread, each location of the cards provides information on a specific aspect of the question you’ve asked. Also, each card location is giving a numerical placement.

The most common spreads are but not limited to:

The “TRUE LOVE” Spread.

The “SUCCESS” Spread.

The “Celtic Cross” Spread.

The “Spiritual Guidance” Spread.

The “Career Path” Spread.

The “Three Card” Spread.

Spreads, address just about any area of your life that you can imagine. The goal, then, is to choose the right spread for the question you’ll liked answered. The tarot card reading you get from different spreads can provide information on just about anything in your life. This could include your desires and ideas, your past or your future, or even information about your friends or the money you will or will not earn.