Created in 2014 by Fatima Simbala, the Temple of Black Eroticism is a personal and relationship coaching practice that specialize in BDSM relationship dynamics.


I help individuals and couples in transition periods so that they can thrive, flourish and share their gifts with the world.

 TOBE provides coaching and advisory services to individuals and couples in leadership and submissive roles; who needs results at an individual level, and in ways that are sustained over time.

As you work with me, we will lay the foundation to get great results in your personal life. Making sure you have all the tools you need to manifest your reality into whatever is success is to you!

I will help you meet requirements such as: staying focused on what matters, building strong relationships at a personal and social level, manage change, create a new love culture paradigm, and high-performance relationships,
 I will also help  resolve conflict, communicating with maximum impact, moving forward initiatives, and transitioning to new role dynamics, and succeeding in your new life.
My mission is to help people have maximum impact and build strong relationships that perform at the highest levels. I deliver my services  worldwide to all people who need them. 
Everything I do in the coaching process is aimed at helping my clients show up as advancing people in their personal and professional life. 
We believe that diverse perspectives bring tremendous value to this process, and we strive to foster a climate where ideas are exchanged respectfully and freely.
If your purpose is to get you unstuck, build stronger relationships, and solve big problems.  I’ll help you develop, or tune-up yourself. I  have effective solutions for you. 
 As you work with me, you get personalized support, practical methods and result-oriented strategies whenever you need it.
I will help you imagine possibilities, overcome obstacles, expand capacity, and strengthen your effectiveness.
   It’s now up to you!