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bcdGood morning, loves. Before I continue, I want you all to know that even though I was officially a submissive dicksucker at age 10, I was still a masculine boy among my friends- football was my favorite sport, we played skeli on the street, made zip guns and were just beginning to notice girls. Privately,rsz_2vlcsnap-2011-10-31-01h12m39s173_4100 I began sneaking peeks at my older brother’s porn magazines and Ray Victory and F.M. Bradley were my favorite big-dicked male stars while Angel Kelly and Ebony Ayes were my favorite female stars. Since Angel Kelly was petite and slim and was a pro at sucking dick, downloadI fantasized about being her. Her beautiful brown skin, small waist and cute little brown round booty were so sexy, I wanted to be that sexy to Peter but still only wanted to use my mouth (Black dick was WAY too big to go in my little butt). I stole a pair of my oldest sister’s panties and a cute little skirt of hers that I never saw her wear and dressed up late at night in bed (we had a furnished basement in my house that was my solo bedroom). Maybe this is what made puberty come early for me, wetting my finger with spit to stick in my ass and got my first real hard-on. Dressed up as a girl, wishing I was Angel Kelly, remembering what Peter’s dick felt like in my mouth, his sister fingerfucking my butt while talking dirty to me, I masturbated for the first time. freddie-mercury-crossdressing  I didn’t know then but know now that men talk about who they’re fucking and whose sucking dick and even who’s slutty enough for them to share. I didn’t know that Peter talked to his best friend Michael (a dark-skinned god!) and Michael’s cousin James (brown-skinned brother that all the girls loved). Even though we still lived in the ghetto, our neighborhood had houses with the projects just a few blocks over. It was still the summer of 1979, and Peter’s mom threw a pool party in their backyard where all the neighborhood kids were at, food was cooking on the grill and music pumped from their stereo and speakers they set up outside. Men were drinking beer and we kids were running around in our swimsuits- girls with their one-pieces and boys in speedo-like trunks (the long shorts weren’t in style yet). I had to go inside to use the bathroom and ran into Peter, Michael and James in the hallway outside the bathroom wearing only shorts. I had to squeeze past them to get in and Peter slapped my ass, saying: “What up, princess- I wanna talk to you when you get out”. Why did he do that? I thought it was supposed to be a secret. Well, I used the bathroom, washed my hands, checked my face in the mirror and then noticed how my butt must’ve looked to them in those skimpy trunks. Now, I was nervous but I walked out and Peter said: “Let’s go to my room”. He made me so horny, I probably would’ve sucked his dick right there if he asked me to. I was a little surprised that Michael and James came with us. I could smell the beer on them and could feel their eyes on my ass. Just then I felt like Angel Kelly as we all entered Peter’s bedroom and he closed and locked the door. Peter said: “I want my boys to watch what you to do to me. I’m gonna make you famous”. I didn’t know how this could make me famous but I was always ready to have his meat in my mouth (as well as drink his milk). James sat on a chair, Michael sat at the foot of the bed and Peter pulled his shorts off and sat on the edge as I got down on my knees between his spread legs. I didn’t even touch him yet and that big dick of his popped up hard and hit my chin. I held it, kissed the head and took him in my mouth- noticing that his boys were rubbing erections and just like that, I was the star of the show and I knew that like my favorite porn-star, I was about to be a slut sucking off more than one.
tumblr_nzbdwofvje1utge16o4_400I knew we didn’t have a lot of time and so did they so it was rough, nasty animal sex which all men really want (but only whores will allow). I learned to spit on the dick to get it wet and slur and moan as I suck- making sure to use my tongue when it was in my mouth. I still couldn’t get it in my throat (I was only 10) but the head pushing against my tonsils made me gag a little and really turned him on. He used on hand to push my head down as he slapped my ass and rubbed it with the other. He asked dirty questions and my answers to all of them were moaning affirmative- (Mmm…I love the dick, mmm..I am a nasty girl, mmm…I am a good bitch, mmm…I’m gonna swallow, mmm…I’m gonna suck every dick he tells me to. He stood up with me still on my knees and began fucking my face and I reached over rubbing Michael’s hard dick and just like I thought, it was big too. I was so horny and scared at the same time (What if we got caught?!). I couldn’t even stop- big-ass dick ramming in my mouth- all of them cheering me on- calling me dirty names until Peter stopped and his dick jerked and erupted with his load in my mouth and I slurped and sucked and licked him clean. I kissed it as he got dressed again. I crawled up on the bed next to Michael (who was already naked) and couldn’t believe how monstrous that dark meat of his was. I held it and wished I could take a picture- it was beautiful- long, thick, veiny muscle- about the size of my forearm. I looked at Peter and said: “It’s too big, I can’t.” Michael put me over his knee and spanked my ass- hard- making me cry. His dick was hot and rock-hard against my stomach and I cried but spanking must be magic because I crawled backward and did start sucking him, spitting on it, slurping, kissing, licking. I was bouncing on the bed and I didn’t know why and he kept slapping my butt and squeezing it. A dick that size could do whatever it wants but for now, it just wanted to fuck my mouth and wanted me to be a good little bitch and keep sucking. He reached his hand into the back of my trunks and slid his long finger in my tight hole- he called it a boy-pussy. Damn, his fucking Mandingo dick had me drooling! I sucked hard, wet, tight and then held it in as far as I could, massage it with my tongue- sucking as tight as I could as he bucked his hips- he shouted: “Fuckin’ bitch as the head of his cock stretched the opening of my throat and shot like 4 heavy spurts of warm liquid cream down my throat- leaving me sweaty, crying and breathing heavy. I didn’t realize James had been jerking off that whole time and I turned around just in time for him to cum all over my face- a thick glob forced one of my eyes shut and all I could do was laugh. Peter got me a towel to wipe my face and hair- kissed my forehead and called me a good little girl. I couldn’t help it- I said: “I love you, Daddy.” Then we had to hurry up as they sent me back outside and I wondered if anyone could smell cum on me (but I guess that was just the taste in my mouth). I felt older than every boy there. I got a plate of food and went to go sit with the girls.
tumblr_oepej0xv0b1rmaawuo4_400 I didn’t know it then but I would never have sex with Peter or his friends again because there’s a pecking order among men and one of my older brother’s friends Robert (everyone called him City) was more alpha than Peter and his friends, he found out about me (I hoped my family didn’t) and he didn’t want to share and he had a dick big enough to be in porn movies. He sold weed and always drove and always3088284795_1_3_umv5ptc3wanted me to suck his dick in his car. He got me high and told me I should be sucking dick for money- “men would love a sweet little bitch like you”. I think he was a lot closer to what I really wanted. Everything he said was true- “you’re not gay, you just love sucking dick and you love swallowing cum even though you still like girls”. “You like it when men treat you like a slut and talk dirty to you.” “You like to feel like men force you to suck dick so don’t feel guilty”. All these things he said while squeezing my butt as I sucked his dick made me leak cum in my pants. I was sucking his big Black cock every day fro like 2 months. I think he would’ve ended up getting that monster dick inside me and being my pimp if it wasn’t for his older brother Prince coming home from prison- tall, muscular and dangerous- once he caught me sucking City’s dick, he made me his own private dicksucking slave. I think his whole family, including his 3 fine sisters knew I was sucking his long, fat, horse dick and I didn’t care. This motherfucker shot huge loads of cum like twice a day- every day. He probably would’ve ended up fucking me too if he didn’t violate his parole and go back to prison. Then for a little while, my crush on men had to stop as I started going with my first girlfriend who lived across the street from us. To protect the innocent, I’ll only use her initials-, this will be the last entry in the BLACK BUNNY SERIES  The brotha that was writing the series was giving an ultimatum from this woman. She demanded that he delete me from facebook and cut all ties with me. She assumed that me and the brotha was having inappropriate conversations. Outside of him telling me about his past and present experiences. We mainly talked about business, and how we can make money together.


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